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Here are 20 things to do in Richmond, Virginia: To get the most out of the city, here is a list of 15 free activities you can do at the Richmond Museum of Natural History and Virginia State Museum. Here are 20 more free events and activities in Virginia, 20% free and 15% free.

Check out our post about some of our favorite wineries in the state of Virginia to find a list of wine stops in Virginia not far from Richmond. Discover all the great things to do in Richmond, Virginia, from great dining and drinking options to great events and events in and around the city.

What to do in Richmond is a great way to learn about the city's historic significance, and be sure to visit the Wilton House Museum. If you are planning a trip to Richmond, this list hopefully has shown you that there are so many interesting places. From attractions to tons of depth, there's plenty to see in and around Richmond.

You can learn more about Richmond's importance to the Civil War by planning a visit to Richmond National Battlefield Park. Virginia sent many men and women into battle, and visiting one of the more interesting Civil War battlegrounds is one of the most interesting activities on a fine day in Richmond. The Virginia War Memorial is a great way to learn about those who have served our country as you will see it from Richmond, but read this post for more information on the history of the monument and a list of other interesting places in and around the city to learn more. Not far outside Richmond is the Virginia State Capitol, home to many of Virginia's most famous monuments, so a visit to Richmond National Battle Field Park is another good option.

If you're especially ambitious, the Virginia Capital Trail is a scenic bike ride that connects Richmond with historic cities. If you have things to do together, you can take advantage of the Virginia Capital Trail from locations connecting Richmond, Virginia, with Williamsburg, Virginia. Williamsburgh and Jamestown are easily accessible by car for shopping and learning a little about Virginia's colonial history.

If you're looking for something in Richmond, you can have a monumental experience on Monument Avenue with a visit to the National Museum of the United States of America or the Virginia State Capitol.

Of course, there is no shortage of stories about the American Civil War, but Richmond also has some of history's most inspiring figures, such as Robert E. Lee. When you visit the Wilton House Museum, you will feel as if you are in the presence of one of its most inspired figures, who has also shaped the history of America.

The bridge is always open, and there are a number of good things to do at night in Richmond, VA, such as a riverside night walk or a walk along the Riverfront Trail.

Plan a weekend getaway to Richmond and you'll have so many things to see and do. To help you and your family plan the perfect trip, here are some of the fun things to do with your kids in Richmond. Take your little ones to the Richmond Children's Museum, which has a number of fun things to do for toddlers in Richmond. re in Virginia, you do not have to plan a weekend getaway in and around Richmond; if you are in or near Richmond for more than a few days or even a week at the end of your trip, we can return with you in a few days.

The Virginia Museum of History and Culture is the Virginia Historical Society, dating back to the 19th century. Inside, you'll find items from Richmond's 400 years of history that help tell the story of the larger Richmond and Virginia history.

Although Church Hill is part of Virginia's history, Richmond is doing everything it can to keep it in good shape. Perched on a hill overlooking the James River, Hollywood Cemetery is a popular and great thing to visit and do in Richmond, Virginia. This historic hotel opened in 1895 and remains a popular stop for Richmond and Virginia, whether you're visiting for a photo or brunch. If you make the Jefferson Hotel your home, it's a great place to experience the city's history and its history as a 19th century tourist destination.

While you may not be able to fully enjoy all of Richmond's benefits at the moment, you should check out our full Best Richmond series to make a list of activities for the future. Find more attractions and activities in Richmond, VA, on the Visit Richmond website and follow us on Facebook for all the latest events and news in Richmond. Before you head to any of these places and visits to Richmond, read "8 Great Things to Do in Richmond Virginia.

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