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As for the cleanliness measures of COVID-19, there was a mixture of complaints and praise for the hospitality industry on social media. Although guests have been listening carefully since the chain announced the policy, it is not new for hotels to be shamed on social media and other platforms. is one of the world's largest and most popular online travel booking sites, and our policies and standards aim to keep Booking, com relevant and family friendly while limiting the expression of strong opinions. We will use content generated by our hotels and content to which our guests respond, but all comments will be moderated and published to match the reservations.

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All contributions to are treated with the utmost respect and reflect the commitment of our guests to the hotel. Although we are not planning a wedding any time soon, the Westin Richmond will be with us for many years to come and we are grateful for all the wonderful events they have put together.

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Marriott spokesman John Wolf referred to the Westin's statement that no face coverings were required for hotel guests, as well as a statement from the Virginia Department of Public Safety.

Myers added that before August 10, all team members at the managed hotels were required to wear appropriate PPE, according to their role. He encouraged franchise sites such as the one in question to adopt similar practices as best practice. Rogers acknowledged that not all rooms will look untouched, but it's clear that individual hotels don't necessarily have a responsibility to be among the bargains. The industry as a whole is as safe as we've ever known, "he said. As required by law, this is at the discretion of the hotel owner, according to the Virginia Department of Public Safety.

The newlyweds work from their hotel room at the Westin Hotel in Richmond, Virginia, on August 10, 2016.

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Hilton requires all guests and staff to wear face coverings in all public areas of the hotel. The measures for brand cleaning include affixing stickers on the doors and walls of rooms indicating that the room has been disinfected in accordance with COVID-19 standards.

USA TODAY took a look at the cleanliness measures we took last month during our stay, and our mixed results were confirmed by hotel guests from across the country. We also love that the Westin Richmond has a bar that is open late, If you want to retire earlier, you can easily go to a particularly nice room upstairs. The reception at the hotel was not what we had originally planned, but had the advantage that we did not have to be late because the bar was open as late as it was. The party continued in the hotel bar until the reception closed and everyone else went on.

The team and managing director Feliks Schwartz have put together a completely invented event, whose generosity is unparalleled. Then we drove through the hurricane in Westin Richmond and the hotel was equipped with generators. Although we were fully booked, everyone we dealt with there was professional, polite and friendly, even though he had opened his hotel to us.

As someone who has been to the property before, I am always amazed at what others tell me about the Westin Richmond and its staff and employees.

I was at the Residence Inn in Yonkers, New York, in early September and found Toro had at least reached a point of cleanliness and precaution. I had the privilege of staying at the Residences Inn Yonker, N.Y., in September, and my room was spotlessly clean, "he told USA TODAY. That's not to say it wasn't clean. I am I'm not saying it was very clean or that I definitely managed to visit other hotels - but I'm saying the staff kept it clean and the rooms were clean.

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