Eastern Kentucky University Colonels

It's no secret that eastern Kentucky has some of the best colleges and universities in the country, as well as one of the most diverse populations.

Brandon Knapper scored 25 points, ending his career on a high as Eastern Kentucky passed Campbellsville and Harrodsburg. Brandon Knappers had 25 points on 7-of-6 shooting, tied his career high and Kentucky outscored Campbelltown, 118-54, in a cover-up - the team's worst loss in school history on Saturday, Dec. Has 25 points, which is his Season highlight and past Campbell's ville, 117-55, on its way against the University of Kentucky, 7: 06 in the first half, Tuesday, November 14, 2015. Michael Carter-Williams (6-2) and Brandon Knappers (4-3) each had 20 points for Eastern Kentucky, while Brandon Knapper cemented his career highs with 10 points and 10 rebounds for the game.

With 17.7 seconds left, Carlos Paez took a pass deep and ran to the basket to win. SIMPSONVILLE, Ky. - Michael Carter - Williams (6-2) had five steals as Eastern Kentucky earned its fifth straight home win in the Ohio Valley Conference. After Eastern Illinois senior Mack Smith set a school record for most yards Three points in a single game with 10 on the night, it was several scoreless stretches in the second half that helped Eastern Louisville (4-3, 1-0) against Eastern Illinois, 69-61, at McBrayer Arena.

Tre King contributed 24 points for Eastern Kentucky (4-3, 1-1), and Michael Jefferson added 10 points and 12 rebounds. The student - a weekly of the University of Kentucky College of Journalism and Mass Communications - won 10 prizes in the Excellence in Kentucky Newspaper Awards 2012 competition. It is the second time she has won the 10-prize in as many years, having won it in January 2010 for the University's Division I - Division II Press Association. In 2012, it was challenged by the Excellence in Kentucky newspaper awards and won by a student vote.

Check out our free mobile app for iPhone / iPad, Android and Windows Phone to plan your day better today. Watch the men's basketball game between Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky at 7: 30 PM ET on ESPNU or watch and watch live on U of K's Facebook page and Twitter account, @ EKU basketball.

Watch the men's basketball game between Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky at 7: 30 PM ET on ESPNU or watch and watch live on U of K's Facebook page, @ EKU basketball.

To participate, students must first register for the Eastern KY PRIDE and post on Facebook or Instagram using # spctriplesweep with the hashtag # EKU _ PRIDE, # EasternPride or # HodgckyPrIDE. Parents can post photos of their children's purges on their Facebook page, which can be viewed here. Eastern Kentucky University, Industrial Parks, and is still a comprehensive institution in the heart of Lexington, Kentucky, just a short drive from the University of Kentucky. On our Facebook page you can find more information about our events, activities, events and activities.

WYMT, owned by Gray Television, serves Eastern Kentucky and the coal region and is a CBS affiliate station that broadcasts from Hazard, Kentucky. Created in FRANKFORT, Ky. - WYMMT - Ownership by Gray Television serves the EasternKentucky and Coalield regions as a subsidiary of the U.S. News & World Report network.

Eastern opens the campaign with its first home game of the season against Western Kentucky University on Saturday, May 1 at 7 p.m. Eastern kicks off the month of May with a road trip to Bowling Green State University to face off in a weekend series from May 5-7 before traveling to Murray State for a week - long series from May 7-9. A win would be Eastern's first win against a top-10 opponent since beating Austin Peay State on April 28, 2012. It will be Eastern Kentucky's second game since facing the Kansas Jayhawks in the 2014 NCAA tournament and first since the 2013 season opener against Kentucky.

Eastern Kentucky and Jacksonville State are both members of the Ohio Valley Conference, while Central Arkansas is in the Southland Conference and Western Kentucky, Central Tennessee and Eastern Kentucky are all part of Conference USA.

The OVC tournament is scheduled for May 25-29 in Oxford, Alabama, and the NCAA tournament begins June 2. Eastern, the 27-mile trip north will begin for the first time this season with a trip to Richmond, Va., May 26-27. The trip will be a big challenge for the EKU at the start of the season when they go into their first home game of the season against the Richmond Tigers. Three of the four Eastern Kentucky regular-season opponents will make the trip from Richmond to play at E-League level this offseason: Western Kentucky, Central Kentucky and Central Tennessee.

The Colonels finish the regular season with a game against the University of Missouri on May 16 and then face defending champion Western Kentucky in the first round of the NCAA tournament.

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