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The Virginia Museum of History and Culture is proud to host the third annual Virginia Art Festival, the first of its kind in the United States. The purpose of the three-day festival is to unite diverse local communities around the arts, education, and charity, with the proceeds always going to a charity of their choice that promotes the arts and culture of Virginia and its people, and the arts in general. American artists, from established artists from the mid-Atlantic to emerging artists from around the world.

Richmond has earned national recognition for its art scene and has expanded its status as one of the most dynamic and vibrant art cities in the United States. Each $1 allocation to the arts is earmarked for appropriate new renovation and construction projects with a budget of $250,000.

This guide is designed to help you discover art in the various art communities where you live, work or visit if you plan to visit them. Art collectors, art travelers and artists will find this very useful and you will find it useful for anyone interested in art and art history. Click on "Art Gallery Guide" at the top of the navigation and select "Richmond Virginia Art Guide" from the list.

If you are interested in art or looking for art, there are art galleries and arts organizations in Virginia. You will discover new artists and can refer to them or buy them directly in galleries that present their art.

This gallery represents more than 225 artists and is one of the largest art galleries in Richmond, Virginia, and the second largest in the United States. This art gallery displays a variety of artworks by artists from Virginia and around the world, as well as other parts of Virginia.

The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) in Richmond, Virginia, and its galleries are among the nation's best. The most impressive holdings include over 200 works by artists from Virginia and around the world, as well as works from the United States and abroad.

The American Art Collection of the museum houses some of the world's finest works by artists from the United States, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The city of James is delivered to you by the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia, with its accredited holdings. Visit Richmond Street Art masterpieces while you're here, or visit pretty much any other time of year. Add a captivating historical site, a chef driven by an explosion of art and culture, and you're on the list of great places to visit in Virginia's capital city for art lovers of all ages.

If you didn't catch the first Friday in the RVA, we've included a few must-have items - check out the galleries. Look out for the main programming and trunk shows like Quirk and Northside Artists' Holiday Artwalk.

The Crossroads Art Center has second-hand art, and customers can view it in their showroom. The Quirk Gallery exhibits local and international artists every six to eight weeks, and its curated shop showcases local artists as well as local craftsmen and artists from the region.

Founded in 1983, it has been one of the oldest and most successful art galleries in the state of Virginia for over 30 years. By selecting leading artists from the Richmond area, as well as local and international artists, we have created one of the most vibrant galleries of all in Virginia, with an emphasis on Richmond art, culture and history.

Add to that a welcoming and inspiring city, and nearly 100 venues showcase regional and national artists at monthly, pedestrian-friendly galleries called "First Fridays" in RVA. Gallery - Visitors are treated to appetizers, wine, beer and cocktails as they elbow with local and international artists, as well as local business owners and community members, to discuss the creative ideas and opinions relevant to what's happening on the local scene and the future of art in Richmond and beyond.

In 2017, Richmond was named among the top 10 most attractive venues in the US for the first time in its history by the national nonprofit KaBoom.

Richmond Craft Mafia hosts several events, and there are two first-class murals and venues. They are located on Richmond's Canal Walk, which is located directly on the James River, and on an abandoned industrial estate, both exemplified by the quality of the artists involved. Richmond is made up of a variety of neighbourhoods, from the city centre to the South End and the Richmond Arts District. Street art touches every neighborhood in some way, but a particular focus is on street art in Richmond, especially downtown Richmond.

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