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Richmond County's Board of Supervisors is seeking a part-time position in the Department of Public Works. The hourly rate is $15 an hour and the job is part-time and not exempt. Salary is determined on the basis of the proven ability to perform the required functions of this position.

If you are interested in working at Richmond VA Medical Center, please contact Sylvia Huskey, Nurse Recruiter, Sylvia at 804-675-5873. For more information, please contact the VA Health Care System's Office of Personnel Management (OPM) at (704) 673-5500.

Applications and CVs must be sent by hand or by post to the district office. Applications can be submitted to Chief Paulette at (804) 333-3415 or by email at [email address] or in person at the office.

With the exception of a few health professions, the vast majority of jobs require an online application, so it is important to complete the online application process, after which you should receive a system - confirmation by email. If you do not comply with the instructions or require assistance, please contact your contact person if you have any further questions. The "Application Procedure" section of the job advertisement contains instructions for faxing documents, as this is the accepted method for submitting posts for job advertisements. Job advertisements require a required form and we look forward to finding out what documents you need.

This announcement also includes a "Required Documents" section, which lists all forms and documents that need to be considered. The specific application instructions for this job posting can also be found in the "Application Procedure" and "Application Procedure" sections of the job posting.

Most jobs require an online application, although some healthcare jobs only allow the submission of a CV and CV, which must be taken into account. A description of employee benefits can be found in the "Employee Benefits" section of the job advertisement, as well as in the "Application Procedures" and "Applicant Instructions" sections of this announcement.

The minimum requirements are: Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a college degree or GED, have a current DCJS Jail Officer certification and have experience in plant maintenance, including, but not limited to, air conditioning, plumbing, electricity, carpentry, refrigeration, etc. Before the age of 18, he must have had or possess a valid Virginia state driver's license. The applicant must have a Ged or A-levels. The applicant must either have the current VA D.L. or have the current DCJS Prison Officers Certificate.

Perform daily preventive and corrective maintenance and repair work, including removal and reloading of heavy equipment from storage areas to the home, assistance in moving abandoned furniture and equipment, and removal and / or reloading of heavy equipment or equipment to the storage area or home. Keep a physical and accurate record of all service requests received and completed.

Professional and timely communication with voters, including staff, volunteers, donors and customers is essential for success. Professional and timely communication and coordination with the client are necessary and work well with them. Work with outside contractors and suppliers, work with programs and organizations, or work as a part-time or full-time employee of the organization. Professional and timely communication, involving staff and volunteers, donors and clients, is necessary and important for the success of our program and our clients.

We provide people with the basic life and work skills they need to return from temporary accommodation to productive life as citizens. We are one of four programmes working to close gaps in the homeless support system and we are unique in doing so in a way that allows people in crisis situations to find stability in their lives now and in the future.

Working with American veterans is a privilege and we are proud of the quality of care we provide. By uniting in compassion, we help our most vulnerable neighbors break the cycle of homelessness and addiction by regaining their dignity. When recruiting for our team, we welcome people who make unique contributions, regardless of language, age, race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

We pay 80% of your health insurance premiums and our employer pays up to 80% of our health insurance premiums. They have the opportunity to work full-time, pay on time and work in a safe, healthy environment with a high quality of life and healthy lifestyle.

Emergency physician (ALS / BLS) is a part - a time position consisting of 12 to 24 hour shifts. Full-time positions fulfil all tasks connected with the maintenance of plants, plants, mechanical systems and performance. Where in the neck we find entry level positions - level positions that individuals earn up to $40,000 at the end of the first year.